CSA Week 17

Hello CSA Members!

Watermelon Radish

As you may have heard, there is some really intense cold weather heading our way early next week. With possible snow and a hard freeze on the way the share next week is up in the air. We will have plenty of food but will have to assess the fields Tuesday morning to see what’s possible. Below is a list of some of the crops we believe will make it through the weather, but please know that this is only an idea of what’s possible, not the definite share.

Potential Crops Next Week
– Root Vegetables (Possibly Beets, Carrots, or Potatoes)
– Radish Choice (Possibly Daikon Radish or Watermelon Radish)
– Spicy Pepper Choice (Possibly Roasted Chiles, Anaheims, Poblanos, Serranos OR Jalapenos)
– Sweet Pepper Choice (Possibly Carmens, Jimmy Nardellos, OR Bells)
– Onions
– Others depending on post-frost conditions

Potential Large Share Additions
– Herb Choice (Possibly Sorrel OR Garlic)
– Others depending on post-frost conditions


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