Vegetable Frittata

Look at some of the lovely vegetables we get this week.

Summer Veggies

I grilled the zucchini and onions for dinner last night.

Grilled Veggies

The broccoli raab too.

Wilted Greens

I often cook a large portion of my CSA share early in the week, for two reasons.
First, it takes up less room in the refrigerator when it’s cooked.
Second, it makes for easy and quick meals later in the week.

I knew I would have lots of leftover grilled vegetables from last night so I will make a frittata for tonight’s dinner.
You can use any cooked vegetables or grains or pasta you have to make this. I love frittata’s made with leftover pasta and vegetables.
I just used the leftover grilled vegetables this time.


This will serve 2 people generously.

olive oil and/or butter
5 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 cup milk, cream, half and half, or even sour cream or yougurt.
tender fresh herbs, whole leaves or coarsely chopped.
some grated firm or hard cheese, Cheddar, jack, Parmesan, (optional)

Preheat your broiler to finish the top of the frittata.
Warm the vegetables in a pan on the stove in a bit of olive oil and/or butter in an OVENPROOF pan large enough to also hold the eggs.

Tossed in pan

Crack the eggs into a bowl and scramble with the herbs and a little salt and pepper.
Add your milk product, and fresh herbs and stir to combine.

Eggs and cream

Pour the egg mixture over the warmed vegetables in the skillet, adjusting the heat down so the eggs set without overcooking on the sides or bottom.
Don’t stir the pan. You want the eggs to set as one unit. This isn’t a scramble. If you mess up you will have a delicious scramble, so don’t worry too much. It will be delicious no matter what. But, do try to be patient.
This is what ‘set’ eggs look like, ready be finished under the broiler. More runny than you imagine I bet. Error on the side of runny, you don’t want really hard eggs in this dish. Put some cheese on now and put it in the oven to broil.

Frittata start

You want the frittata to puff slightly and start to brown at the edges and on top.
I like the eggs set and puffy on the edges, but barely set and soft in the center.

Bake till puffy

Now go sit on the patio with a simple salad, good bread and a glass of wine and enjoy this lovely meal!

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