Grilled Beet Burger

This recipe is a little more involved then I usually post but these burgers are so darned good I felt like I needed to share it with you.

We entertain a lot and at any given gathering about 1/2 the people here are vegetarian. Serving vegetarian burgers is somewhat unsatisfying to me. It feels like a cop-out, especially if I put any effort at all into the meat dish.

Until now. This is a deliciously interesting and satisfying burger.

Beet Burger

I found the recipe here and pretty much follow amounts exactly. Most beet recipes want you to roast the beets. In the summer using the oven is off putting to me. In this recipe you grate the raw beets and then you saute them with the other ingredient, so this comes together pretty quickly.
Sometimes I use sunflower seeds instead of walnuts or I sub chipoltle powder for smoked paprika. The smokiness of one or the other of the spices is an important element of the burgers so don’t use plain paprika or omit it, you’ll be missing out.

The other tip I can give you in this recipe is to make sure you caramelize the onions. The char sweet taste of the onions with the smoked paprika bring a really satisfying element to this (and other vegetarian) dishes.


The recipe is pretty straightforward once you have all the ingredients assembled. You throw it all in the food processor and form patties. The author of the recipe says that she had trouble forming the patties and that the mix is crumbly. That has not been my experience, ever. The burgers hold together well, and aren’t dry or crumbly.
Here they are on the grill. When I grill them I wipe a little oil on the patties so they don’t stick, that is why they are kind of shiny.

Grilling burgers

Add a little cheese if you like.

Adding cheese

And yum. Here you go.


This recipe is easily doubled or tripled. You can make these ahead and they freeze really well.
Leave a comment if you make these and let me know how you liked them.
Until next week.

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