Spiced Pumpkin Soup

I was going to post a ubiquitous “winter squash soup”, one you can customize with the ingredients you have on hand. I was telling my daughter this and she reminded me of her favorite pumpkin soup.

So, I changed my mind. Out with ubiquitous and in with ‘something a little different’.

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

You will probably have most of these ingredients, squash or pumpkin, carrots, onions…wait…banana?! Yes, this soup recipe calls for a banana.

These are her notes and changes to the original recipe;
“Veto the condensed milk and add 1-2 T brown sugar sub any roasted winter squash you have for canned pumpkin. Really caramelize all the vegetables, don’t just sweat them, and make sure you toast the spices with the vegetables, don’t just add them in without toasting them or the flavor is flat. Grilled cheese sammiches dunked in this soup is the best Fall meal ever”.
My notes are;
“Grilled cheese sammiches dunked in any soup are the best meal ever. :-)

I used A LOT more roasted pumpkin than the 2 cups called for, probably twice as much. I added some cayenne and cumin too, and fresh sage and didn’t add any sugar.

I cooked my soup, after blending the coconut milk in, for about an hour longer than the recipe called for. Maybe I didn’t caramelize my vegetables enough in the beginning. Even after blending I felt the vegetables were still too ‘solid’ so I cooked the soup until it was silky.

The banana and coconut milk add a nice mouth feel that most vegetarian/vegan dishes lack”.

spiced pumpkin soup

If you back out the banana, and the curry and sub 1/2 & 1/2 or milk for the coconut milk, guess what? You have a basic ubiquitous Winter Squash Soup!”. So, there you go! Happy soup making!

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