Visit our Farm Stand

Our Farm Stand is open at 63rd and Oxford Road and in full summer swing!

63rd and oxford

farm stand

farm stand

We have TONS of vegetables available from our farm if you want to stock your freezer, or do some canning. Hopefully CSA provides enough for your immediate needs, but I know lots of you like to ‘save the harvest’ for the winter months.
Now is the time to can or freeze tomatoes or make pickles or can some beets. It’s peak season for canning and freezing.

Every year in late September and October people ask if we have pickling cucumbers and sadly the answer is no.

Cucumbers are a Summer crop and will be done by mid-September. If you want to make pickles, NOW is the time!

We get peaches, apples (later in the season) and corn, and sometimes other vegetables that we buy in from other farms and sell those at the Farm Stand.

You might want to check out our Facebook page, sometimes we have second of peaches or tomatoes and post that information there.

All the vegetables you get from us at CSA, and vegetables we sell at the Farmer’s Market are grown by us.

The Farm Stand provides a little more variety because we don’t grow tree fruit or corn.

Lots of times farms out in Eastern Colorado, or on the Western Slope grow more than they can sell in their area, so selling these crops in Boulder provides a win-win situation for Farmer’s and Boulder fresh food lovers alike!



You are getting roasted chilies as a choice this week in your CSA share. Roasted chilies freeze GREAT so if you want to stock up on those we’ve got them!

roasted chiles

And lots more.


garlic and shallots



We hope to see you at the Farm Stand soon!

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2 Responses to Visit our Farm Stand

  1. Froggie says:

    We miss the stand at 95th and Arapahoe. Any chance of you returning to this site next year?


  2. moiscooking says:

    Hi Sharon.
    I am pretty sure there are no plans to have a Farm Stand at 95th again.
    Having most everything at one property is working out best for the Farm.
    I hope you have a chance to visit us on 63rd and Oxford Road.
    Thanks for your comment.

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