Farm Photos August 18th, 2013

I was wandering around the Farm at 63rd and Oxford Road yesterday. Walking the fields is so humbling to me. I am always in awe of the the beauty of the crops and also, the huge amount of food we pull from the fields year after year.

I thought instead of blogging on cooking and recipes as usual, I would post some pictures of the farm.

This is Rubio keeping an eye on the Farm Stand


Do you recognize these crops?


They are basil and edemame

We grow tomatoes both in hoop houses and in the field. These are the hoop house tomatoes.


hoop house


heirloom tomatoes

Every year Wyatt grows some trial crops. He grows a small amount of the trial crops to see how they grow under our conditions and care, and also to see if we even like the new crop.

These are Asian long beans, a trial crop for us this year. I thought these were so pretty lingering next to the tomatoes in one of the hoop houses.

long beans

long beans

long beans

That is a very small taste of what is happening at the Farm. I hope you enjoyed it.
Have a great week.

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