Cauliflower ‘Rice’

I am super late to trying cauliflower rice. I was/am perfectly happy to make and eat rice. I love the flavor and texture so I didn’t see the point in messing with what I thought was already a good thing, until I (and probably you) found myself with huge amounts of cauliflower from our CSA share this year! In the past month I have roasted cauliflower, made curry, and one of my favorite things to do with cauliflower is to make this delicious sauce. I still found myself with more cauliflower to eat in my refrigerator.

So, I tried making cauliflower rice and I love it. It’s super easy and fast to make. Fluffy and crunchy at the same time and unlike regular rice, cauliflower rice is really good cold and room temperature. AND it freezes beautifully!

To make it all you do is break off some cauliflower florets and pulse them 8 or 10 times in food processor until it looks like rice. Or you can use a box grater if you don’t feel like busting out the food processor.

To cook it all I did was heat a little oil in a pan with garlic and sauteed the cauliflower until it was just starting to turn brown and added some salt and pepper and chives. You don’t have to brown it if you might want it just cooked through and leave it more white. Any herb would be nice here as would any sauce, just like rice! This is a really nice side dish and pretty much goes with anything.

You can steam cauliflower rice or even eat it raw! I love making ‘Buddha Bowls’ with the leftovers and other odds and ends I have laying around.

I haven’t tried it yet but I think making fried ‘rice’ with cauliflower would be so good.

Well Folks, this is the last week of our regular CSA. Thanks for your support. We appreciate you all so much and hope to see you back next year. The Winter CSA starts next week so sign up before we sell out! I love the winter CSA vegetables so SO SO much! I’ll be making lots of soups, stews, baked dishes! Yum!

See you at the last pickup!



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