Carmen Sweet Peppers

Carmen Peppers are a favorite crop of everyone one working at Red Wagon. They are a thick-walled sweet Italian red pepper.

Because of their thick sturdy walls they hold up to stir-frying, (think fajitas) grilling and stuffing. When they are roasted they make great sauces and dips too. They don’t weep when they are blended with other ingredients and add a unique sweet-fruity richness. Here is a delicious recipe using roasted Carmen’s.

Try adding them to your favorite tomato sauce recipe.

As good as they are roasted and grilled, you can use them raw just like you would any bell pepper. The flavor is more complex than bell peppers, even red or orange bell.

Try them with a dip.

Or in a salad.

Carmen’s will store in a plastic bag in your refrigerator for at least a couple weeks.

If you haven’t tried them yet, try something new this week.


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