Beet Tacos

Raise your hand if you have a lot of beets in your life right now. Me too.

I like to roast a couple of weeks worth of beets at once to keep them handy in the refrigerator so they are ready to throw into salads or sandwiches.

Or tacos

Before the pandemic we loved to eat at Pica’s in Louisville. They have a beet taco on the menu that is delicious. I haven’t been there since before March, but seeing those roasted beets in my refrigerator make me think of Pica’s and those tacos.

The menu description says “Griddled cotija cheese, roasted beets, pickled onions, cilantro aioli.” I looked online at a couple of beet taco recipes and liked the idea of garbanzo beans in a taco with beets. I didn’t use a recipe (does anyone for tacos?) but I did use the idea of adding garbanzo beans. Here are some photos of how I made these tacos.

I had the beets roasted and I had corn tortillas, Cotija cheese is easy to find in most any grocery store and really makes this taco. You can use feta or halloumi cheese, or anything you have. But the Cotija is a little salty and holds it shape and gets toasty brown when you cook it.

It took me longer to photograph these tacos than to make them. Once you have the beets cooked there is almost nothing to this delicious taco meal.

I started with some onions and garbanzo beans in a skillet.

When they were brown I added some diced beets and the Cotija cheese and browned all of that.

That’s it. I made the tacos and topped them with what I had. I had some corn salsa and  crema Mexicana. Any salsa would do but the I would for sure use a tart spicy salsa.

This was so good. The sweetness of the beets and the salty browned cheese and tangy salsa and the earthy tortilla together were delicious, it tasted like a restaurant meal.

This isn’t a great photo and I couldn’t take any more because we ate them before I looked to see if I got a good picture. You’d think I would know better than that by now.

You should make these. And if you are taking photos don’t eat them all before you see if any of the photos are any good.

Have a great week. See you at pickup.



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