Made it through the snow!

snow forecastWow it’s been a roller coaster ride! A week ago there was a winter storm warning and we thought it was going to get down to 25 degrees with 5-8 inches of snow. There was a good chance that this would kill everything on the farm except for root crops. Crops like and kale can generally handle freezing temperatures, but they have to have some cool weather to adjust from going to summer to fall. We were looking at going from 99 degrees on Sunday to 25 degrees on Tuesday which is way too much for plants to handle.

Fortunately it only got down to 30 degrees on the farm on Tuesday night. We did get a few inches of snow, but I think the ground temperature was warm enough that it protected the plants and melted the snow within a few hours. Our cucumber plants died (they weren’t producing anymore anyway), but everything else seems to have made it. The kale plants and beet greens got a little smooshed, but they will recover.

I always say that if Wyatt and I farm enough that we will have a year with catastrophic loss. I’m glad this wasn’t the year! The weather forecast is calling for beautiful weather the next few weeks so we can expect to have an abundant harvest of fall crops as usual.

melons in snow

I thought the melon plants would die for sure with some snow!


We thought we would lose all of our butternut squash. It wasn’t quite ripe enough to harvest before the snow.

cabbage in snow

The cabbage handled the snow just fine!





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