Dinner and Potluck Ideas Using CSA Vegetables

I love preparing and eating summer vegetables. I don’t have any recipes in this post, just a few pictures of food I made and some I didn’t make, to hopefully inspire you to think outside the box using your shares.

Remember the tomatillo salsa and herb dressing from earlier this season? Having staples like those ready in your refrigerator makes pulling together dinner really easy. I made a bean and rice bowl that would have been pretty boring if I didn’t have those sauces. I quickly pan roasted some corn and shishitos and chopped up some onions and tomatoes and topped it with the salsa and herb dressing-yum, dinner was ready in just a few minutes. I made plenty for lunches too. Fast and easy  if you have some sauces pre-made.


I was at a dinner at a friends house this weekend. Three of us are CSA members and brought food made from our CSA shares.

I brought a focaccia. I used tomatoes, basil and corn. I wish I used onions now looking at it.


Toti, who has a CSA with us made this beautiful salad using braising mix, potatoes, dragon tongue beans, tomatoes, onions. Great job using so many different components of the share this week!


Joan is a CSA member at Isabelle farm. She made this deliciously beautiful no-noodle zucchini lasagna. I think there were at least 4 layers of zucchini, sauce and cheese. It was so good. It kind of melted together.


Last night I made some zucchini and corn quesadillas to go with chili. I grated up zucchini and added some corn off the cob and mixed it all with a little cheese.  Again, I made plenty for lunches for today.


I love hearing what you make with your shares, I hope you liked seeing some improvised uses of our wonderful local food I made and/or ate.

Have a great week, see you at pick up.







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