Celery Storage and Ideas

Either you love it or you hate it. Honestly, I don’t get what isn’t to like. I understand why someone might not like arugula. I sort of get why raw kale salad might take some getting used to. But when I hear “I hate celery’. I don’t get it.
Celery adds a delicious crunch and mildly mineral, grassy, bitter taste and water content to salads and stir fries. It is a great vehicle for dips and for stuffing with things like cheese and peanut butter.
It balances flavors in soups and stew when you use it with carrots and onions.
It’s great for juicing.
It’s texture and flavor are unique and unexpected in so many dishes.

This is the first year Wyatt has grown celery and he did a great job. Look at how beautiful it is.


The leaves were so big I couldn’t get the whole bunch in the picture. You won’t ever see that many leaves on a bunch of celery in the grocery store. You won’t ever see celery this fresh in a store.

Celery will keep in your produce drawer for a long, long time if you store it correctly.
First cut off most of the leaves, use those in a salad or to make a vegetable stock.
You want to keep the root of the plant moist for best keeping. I like to wrap the root of the plant in a moist paper towel and then put the whole thing in a plastic bag. Don’t seal the bag, let some air flow.

Trimmed bottom

Pop this into a plastic bag, then into the produce drawer. When I use some of the celery, if the paper towel has dried out I just re-wet it. This will keep for at least a couple weeks.

Wrapped in Towel

Some people like to cut off the root and put the stalks of the celery in a glass of water, like you would a bouquet of flowers and then put that in the refrigerator. I find that when I have tried that my celery didn’t last as long as the paper towel in the plastic bag method. Plus, who has room for a vase of celery in their refrigerator?

Make sure you tell Wyatt how much you like celery, or he might not grow it again next year!!
Have a great week.

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