CSA week 12

Shishito Peppers

We are entering week 12 of CSA, we are also entering into pepper season! The Shishito Peppers pictured will be a choice in your share this week!

Regular Share
-Choice: Kale, Chard, or Eggplant
-Choice: Shishito or Bell Peppers

Large Share Additions
-Extra Garlic
-New Potatoes
-Large Onion

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2 Responses to CSA week 12

  1. Leysia Palen says:

    Great! When do tomatoes come along? I’d like to buy a bunch from you–seconds would be great/- to can sauce with my kiddos.

    Thanks! Leysia

    Sent from my iPhone. Keep in mind, I’m the world’s worst texter.

  2. B says:

    They’re super good grilled and with a little butter and sea salt.

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