Welcome 2020 CSA Members

Welcome to Red Wagon CSA Blog. We have so many new CSA members I think  I’m going to start at the beginning and introduce myself, and the recipe portion/blog I write here.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll try to point you to some posts that (hopefully) will be helpful to the new members (and remind returning members) how to successfully navigate our CSA. I’ll also make a few suggestions on stocking your pantry and talk a little about some kitchen gear that I find helpful in prepping and storing my CSA weekly share.

Let’s start.

Hi, I’m Mo. I’m a foodaholic.


This is what I look like this year.

I think about food 24-7. I love to feed people. I have worked at Red Wagon over a decade. I’ve done almost every type of farm work over the years. I have aged out of field work and now just do CSA prep and distribution, and this blog.

I have written several dozen posts to (hopefully) give our members ideas and inspiration how to use the food we get each week. I try to use only our weekly share, with little else, other that a few pantry staples. When you have some time I hope you can take a minute and look around our recipe section and get excited about the year to come.

For example this week we got garlic scapes and sorrel. Some of you might not be familiar with those crops. Here is a post with some ideas, and here is another, oh hey look…another!

I have also written quite a few posts on how to store and prep our vegetables. Have a look around there too.

I am anticipating this year will bring some unique challenges we haven’t faced in previous years because of some shortages in stores and the fact that we, or most of us, are limiting our trips to the store and will be more dependent than in previous years to make every last bit of our CSA share count like our meals depend on it. Because it does. I get that and I hope I can help navigate this venture in a creative and useful way.

Until next week.


PS if you have any suggestion or question please leave them in the comment section below.

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