CSA 2017 Begins Next Week!

Welcome New and Returning Red Wagon CSA Members to the 2017 season!

With the snow today it is crazy to think of  all the beautiful green fields of vegetables we have waiting for you. But waiting they are! Wyatt and the Farm crew have spinach, green garlic, lettuces, turnips, kale, chard, and lots of other beautiful crops tucked safely in the ground to be harvested for you, next week and beyond.

I wanted to let new members (and remind returning members) know that every week I’ll write a blog with ideas for preparing, cooking, and storing the weekly CSA share you get from us. You will also get an email each week with a list of vegetables we will be distributing that week. Hopefully these two forms of communication will help you expand your vegetable preparation horizons, plan your weekly meals and use up your share without being overwhelmed.

I have been writing the Red Wagon CSA blog for quite a few years now and we have a pretty good backlog of ideas and recipe for CSA members. You can see them here.

Another useful link we have on our website is a weekly archive of the food we distributed in the past years. This can give you some rough idea of when certain crops might be coming into season for you, at our Farm. Check that out here  .

Please comment below or email me with questions or anything you would like to share.

I’m really looking forward to the season. I’ll be at the Farm CSA pick-up on Thursday’s so I’ll see some of you there.




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