Grateful for Our CSA Members!

We have come to the end of another CSA season at Red Wagon Farm. Thank you so much to all of our CSA Members! We started our CSA in 2007 (after starting Red Wagon in 2004). We started with about 50 CSA members, all picking up at one location. We still have about 10 members who have been with us for all 9 years. (How can it be 9 years?!?) Thank you so much to all of you long-term members! And thank you to those of you who have been with us for just one or two seasons. We could not have our farm without our CSA members. You are the core of Red Wagon and you are our most stable and reliable source of support.

Every season of farming is different, but I think 2012 has been the most unique year by far in terms of weather. It is hard for me to remember this far back, but we started out with incredibly warm weather in 2015. Lauren worked a bunch of days outside at the farm in January because the weather was so nice! We got a lot planted early and we were really busy in March. Then starting April 16 we had 6 weeks of rain totaling 12″. That is our main planting season and I can’t believe we made it through that. We will see the effects of all that rain in our crops through the end of 2015. But once the rain stopped, it didn’t start again for months. We didn’t have a meaningful amount of rain all summer. And then we’re having the longest autumn in our 12 years of farming. We had one mild frost at our Valmont Farm location, but we still haven’t had a hard frost. We were still harvesting tomatoes at the beginning of this week! In mid-October!

A number of CSA farms in Boulder County closed during 2015 because it was such a difficult season. I feel very proud of Wyatt and all of the Red Wagon crew. We were able to bring you a good assortment of vegetables every single week and we gave you the full amount you paid for.

Growing vegetables for a living is beyond hard. There are times during every season that I am not sure we will be able to continue. But here we are, almost at the end of the 2015 growing season and we’re still going strong. A very large part of that is due to the support of our CSA members. Thank you. We love growing food for you and we hope to see you again in 2016!

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  1. Dawn Kimble says:

    I’m sorry that the weather made the farming so challenging this year! The food was great, though! We’re thankful for you!

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