CSA Changing of the Guards

Hello CSA Members,

This is Lauren here. Starting this week, the faces you will see at our CSA pickups will look a little different for the remainder of the season.

Many of you have probably come accustomed to seeing our good friend and my trusty side-kick, Caleb, behind the scenes, bagging greens and stocking items while occasionally cracking a joke. Caleb has worked for Red Wagon for 2 years as part of our CSA crew and at our Boulder Farmer’s Market.  He has recently acquired his real estate license and has relocated to Parker to further pursue his career selling houses and land. He will be missed!

I, myself, will begin the academic year teaching in Denver on Tuesdays and Thursdays again. It’s kind of hard to believe that the summer has moved so quickly and we are flirting with the onset of fall. I will still be doing the behind the scenes in the administrative realm and still present at the Monday Google pick up.

Alex, one of our tractor drivers and farm crew will be stepping up to fill in on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He will be in charge of checking members in and will be able to field any questions. Feel free to email csa@redwagonorganicfarm.com with any more detailed questions you may have.

There will be two other new faces at pickup, Andrea and Kylie. They will be driving the market truck to the CSA locations on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Many of you will recognize Kylie from last season, while Andrea is a new this year.

Thanks for a great first half of the CSA season!

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