July CSA Tour Photos

Thank you so much to everybody who made it to our July 1 CSA farm tour! We had a surprisingly good turnout, despite some brief showers in the middle of the tour.

I never remember to take as many photos as I would like at our CSA tours. But I wanted to share a few fun moments I was able to capture.

Chicken inspection

One of our chickens decided to do a safety check of the hay wagon before our guests arrived.

Ellie Belle

Ellie Belle wins the award for “best donkey ever” for dealing so well with all the affection showered on her.

Ellie Belle trying to catch up to the hayride

Ellie Belle chasing after the hay wagon so she can try to hop on.

Farm rainbow

I cheated on this one–it was taken the day after the tour. We get the best rainbows at our farm!

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