WANTED: Farm Worker Housing

Here is a unique opportunity to support our farm and farm workers! I am writing to see if anybody might have affordable housing for rent. I am trying to help out our farm workers.

Our farm workers are looking for anything from a roommate situation to a single family dwelling.

There’s a mix of people who work on our farm. Some are single, some have partners, and some have families. Some are young Americans and others are immigrants (mostly Mexican).

Some have immediate housing needs and others will need housing in the future.

Housing prices in the Denver/Boulder area are soaring and the rental market is becoming increasingly expensive. This year we are hearing more and more that our farm workers can’t afford to rent a place to live in Boulder County. I am reaching out to our community to see if I can help a few of our farm workers find something affordable. You hear a lot about supporting your local farms. Here is another way to support local farm workers!

Let me know if you have any potential rental housing. Thank you so much in advance!

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