Collard Greens Roll-ups

Until I worked at Red Wagon I never ate collard greens before October. I grew collards at home for years and only harvested and ate them after a frost. Collards, all leafy greens, defend themselves against freezing weather by turning starch in their cells, into sugars.
Kale, chard, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, all are sweeter after a frost but still delicious before, and I eat them all summer long, so why not collards? Why not indeed.


Collards are not as bitter as kale and not as tender as chard or spinach. Collards lend themselves to longer cooking times than other greens but are surprisingly good raw, especially in roll-ups.

Prep #1 Pretty much anything you can roll-up in a tortilla or wrap will be delicious in a collard roll-up.
Collards have a tough stem that needs to be dealt with. You can shave it thin.


Or cut it out.

De-stem collards

Then just put what ever filling you like in the washed collard leaf and roll it up like you would a burrito. Egg salad and tuna salad type fillings are good. But use what you like. I had some quinoa, beets and avocados.

Add ingredients

Roll up

Talk about healthy and filling. You can make several roll-ups at one time, and keep them in the refrigerator for several days as a make ahead meal.

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  1. elaine says:

    Thanks Mo, I would have never thought to use collard greens as a wrap, and it was/is PERFECT for the end of the year picnics and now the school lunches. The kids love them!

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