The Hot Days of Summer

With the summer heat on the rise, minds shift to thoughts of sandy beaches and cool waters. We humans may not do well when the temperatures reach over 90 degrees, but the veggies planted in the fields for our CSA shares flourish in such conditions. This is the time of year when the fields are about to explode with a diversity of crops and these crops will not wait for us.

When it comes to providing food for our CSA shares, the planning for this explosion of food begins far in advance to ensure we will have the means to fulfill our weekly commitments. From the actual planting that begins when it seems one should still be playing in the snow to the specific daily harvest lists for a given CSA pick up day, things are still contingent on the season at hand. Hot or cool, dry or moist- all these weather conditions dictate how crops grow and how quickly they are ready for harvest. For instance, this week, we have to go and see what is ready, which leaves a mystery crop and a question mark by one item on our list.

Many of the types of crops we offer in the spring, like sugar snap peas and fava beans, are time sensitive in that they only have a window of a couple weeks and they need to be picked when they are plump and ripe. And when they are on- they are on and we have to make the most of this small time frame. Then, there are other types of crops, like most herbs, turnips and beets that we’ll have until the fall frost, and some even after that point. The harvest never stops changing and, plainly, never stops. For us, the farm crew, growers and other food producers, this means those sandy beaches will have to wait.

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