Please CHANGE SUBSCRIPTION to Red Wagon Organic Farm blog

You may wish to change your subscription to our blog. We are posting things a little different this year and being subscribed will cause you to get numerous emails from us.

To change your subscription:

  • Open the email message that notified you of this blog post.
  • Go to the bottom of the email message and click Manage Subscriptions.
  • This will open the WordPress web site and you will see your Delivery frequency.
  • We recommend that you change your subscription to Daily or Weekly instead of Immediate. This will help so you don’t get 5 or more notification emails in one day from our blog.

You can also choose to unfollow our blog if you’d rather just check the blog on our web page instead.

  • From the WordPress web site place your cursor over Red Wagon Organic Farm CSA and the word Unfollow will appear. Click Unfollow and you will no longer receive notification emails.
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  1. mo says:

    What is someone wants to follow and isn’t following already? A friend asked how to follow and I can’t figure out how if you aren’t already following?

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