Greetings CSA Members!

Welcome to Red Wagon’s new blog site! This is where we will be posting our weekly CSA Newsletters this year including photos and updates from the farm, recipes and more.

Mark your calendars! CSA pick-ups will begin on Monday, May 21st. (Remember you can always check the “In Your Share” box in the upper right hand corner or visit our Facebook page to see what we’re planning to offer each week.) In the meantime we have been keeping very busy on the farm transplanting our heat-loving crops and harvesting a wonderful variety of early-season goodies for the Farmers’ Market.

See everyone at pick-up!

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2 Responses to Greetings CSA Members!

  1. Nikki says:

    I received my first share and everything was great. The strawberries were remarkable, never had as sweet as these. Thank you, would love some rhubarb if you every have it!

  2. iza says:

    Great pickings so far! I was eagerly waiting for CSA to start , because my family started doing green smoothies every day and CSA greens are just perfect for it. All the greens we got so far (turnip leaves, broccoli raab, kale, spinach etc) are great for smoothies. Turnip greens are especially mild. Just add some mango or banana, a handful of berries, water and ice and blend well. Heavenly!

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