Welcome Winter CSA Members!

Caterpillar tunnelWe are excited to welcome you to our third Winter CSA! Like many things, our Winter CSA was born out of a “pivot” due to Covid. In 2020 we decided not to have our fall farm stand/pumpkin patch so we had a lot of vegetables at the end of the season but we weren’t sure where to go with them. We decided to give a Winter CSA a try and it was great! It was a way for us to stay in touch with some of our regular CSA members at a time of year when the farm moves at a more relaxed pace. And our members were so excited to be able to continue getting fresh vegetables when most farm fields are hibernating for the winter.

Caterpillar tunnel interior

A lot of crops we have now are things like beets, turnips, and winter squash that we harvest in the fall and they keep for a long time. But we are able to bring you fresh greens thanks to our caterpillar tunnels. Take a look at the tunnels in our field at Thomas Open space and you’ll see where we are growing crops like kale and collard greens. The tunnels are sort of a low-tech greenhouse and inside we throw a blanket (aka row cover) over the greens and they are protected just enough to keep them alive. One bonus is the the cold helps to make the crops a little but sweeter!

We’re looking forward to seeing you each week and keeping you fed for the rest of the year! ~Amy

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