2020 CSA End-of-Season Thank you!

We made it to the end of our CSA season! I almost can’t believe it. In early May I was having panic attacks (just ask Wyatt!) about coming up with a way to have a safe season for our farm crew and our CSA members. And here we are finally at the end of October. Every year it feels like a big accomplishment to make it to the end of our CSA season knowing that we’ve been able to feed our CSA members all season. But this year it feels like an especially big accomplishment!

Thank you so much to all of our CSA members for your support! We really could not do it without you. You are the whole reason we are able to have a farm and grow food for our community. This is especially true this year. The world was so turned upside down in March and Wyatt and I didn’t even know if we’d be able to have a farm season with the whole country getting shut down. By the end of March we knew we’d be allowed to operate our farm, but we didn’t know if we could make it financially. (We knew we would lose a large amount of the farm’s income that we usually get from restaurant sales.) I asked all of you to help spread the word about our CSA to your friends and family. Did you ever come through!! We increased our CSA membership by almost 70% this year! We never would have been able to do that without your help. And I don’t think we would have been able to make it through the season financially without growing our CSA membership.

You’ve also contributed over $8,500 to additional funds we have set up at Red Wagon:

Farm Worker Support $5,423 (contribute money to go into our farm crew’s paychecks)
Sharing the Harvest $1,932 (help provide reduced-rate CSA shares to community members in need)
Red Wagon Supporter $1,173 (extra money for farm equipment)

We had a lot of small losses with our CSA this year. We weren’t able to invite you out to our farm for any tours. And we weren’t able to have our end-of-season CSA party at the farm. Most of all we missed being able to talk to you at our pickups!

The cold weather coming this weekend is a good reminder of why our CSA season ends in October. I know we will see some of you for a few more weeks for our Winter CSA. For the rest of you, I hope we will see you in May! Hopefully life will be a little easier by then.

With gratitude,

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