Are Red Wagon Onions Safe?

In a word–yes! Have you seen the news about the salmonella outbreak in onions from California? This is the problem with our food system. You have contaminated onions from one farm go to a huge processing facility. The contamination spreads to everything in that facility and then the contaminated onions get shipped all across the country and we have a national outbreak. (As if we needed another huge outbreak!)

You completely avoid this when you buy your food directly from your local farm. Our onions go straight from our fields to you. Nobody handles the onions other than the Red Wagon farm crew.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to have food from a local farm that’s contaminated. But the fewer hands that touch your veggies, the better. It’s also best to avoid having your food go through a huge processing facility. When you buy directly from your local farm you know you are safe from any national food outbreaks that you read about in the news!

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