Virtual CSA Farm Tour

It’s a Red Wagon tradition that we have at least 2 or 3 CSA Farm Tours every year. It’s a chance for us to show off the Farm and for our CSA to see what, where and how we grow your vegetables.

Sadly there will be no tours or hay rides this year so I took a few pictures to hopefully give you a feel of what is happening at the Farm.

Let’s start with the rhubarb patch, see the green plants in the forefront where we are watering. It looks like we are watering weeds doesn’t it?


Nope, it’s rhubarb. You wouldn’t believe how much rhubarb we have pulled from this area this year. Here is a closer picture.


These are Caterpillar tunnels. We start crops early in Caterpillars then remove the cover when the plants we started can handle the elements. These tunnels have tomatoes in them now.


Here is a zucchini planting that was started in Caterpillars earlier. The cover was recently removed.


We are harvesting from there now.


Lots and lots of peppers.


Huge row of eggplant, peppers to the left.


This is our irrigation pond. It is right behind where we do our CSA pickup at the Farm. We water the whole Farm from here.


We do several plantings of most crops. Here are the 2nd planting starts of some brassicas. They will be planted out soon.


Cucumbers in the field and the 2nd planting starts of cucumbers just emerging in their trays.



Tomatoes in the Caterpillar tunnels.


These are field tomatoes. We grow in both Caterpillars and in the field to cover our bases and make sure we have a good tomato crop one way or another.


Here is some of the Farm crew planting using the waterwheel. I forgot now what was being planted.

I hope this gives you some idea of what goes on in the field.

We miss interacting with you but know we are as committed as ever to bring you wonderful local organic food.

Here is a virtual hug and a huge virtual smile.

See you at pickup.




















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