What’s in My Share? – Week 4

Hello CSA Folks!

We’re hoping to help you identify your veggies early in the week this week.

You can expect to see:

Kale! Kale comes in a variety of leaf shapes and colors. You might receive Red Curly (not pictured), Green Curly, or Tuscan Kale this week.

Green Curly Kale

Tuscan Kale

Sugar Snap Peas have begun. These sweet treats are great raw or stir fried (if you don’t eat them all on your way home!) Pull the stem off, but eat the entire pod with the peas inside.

Sugar Snap Peas

A handful of garlic scapes were included in a few of last week’s shares but this week a lot more of you will be seeing these delightfully curly crops. We love garlic scapes! They will be on a choice with herbs. We harvest any herbs that look good that morning which may include chives, garlic chives, oregano, mint, thyme, sage, lovage, edible flowers, tarragon, and eventually basil.

Garlic Scapes

Garlic Scapes

The last new crop for the week is head lettuce! Hopefully it’s a familiar crop to you, but maybe you haven’t seen it in a “head” or outside of plastic. This week we are cutting them out of the ground, rinsing them and delivering to you fresh as can be!

Head Lettuce

You should be familiar with arugula and turnips from last week or previous weeks.

As the week goes let us know if there’s still something you don’t recognize!

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