What’s in My Share? – Week 3

Here are some of the items you might have seen in your CSA share this week! I know our veteran CSA members are familiar with our veggies but some of the new folks might be scratching their heads when they get home. Here’s a short breakdown:

Hakurei Turnips
Turnips! The white ones are called Hakurei Turnips and the purple ones (not pictured) are Purple Top Turnips. Both can be eaten raw but the purple ones are better cooked

a bunch of curly garlic scapes being harvested
Some of you may have received garlic scapes while most received green garlic. This photo shows the scapes. They have similar tastes and you can find recipes on our website for both

large Bok Choi on a wooden table
Bok Choi, there are a few varieties that were harvested this week but they can all be eaten in similar ways. You may have received spinach instead.

Bag of Pea Shoots
Pea Shoots! These curly greens have a similar flavor to snap peas. They can be used as a salad green or in a number of recipes

Cose Up of Arugula

Arugula. This plant has a wide range of leaf shapes and vein colors. It has a peppery taste. We work very hard to remove all the weeds during harvest, washing and packaging but sometimes they sneak by.

Braising Mix AKA Spicy Salad Mix

Instead of arugula you may have received a bag of mixed greens that we call Braising Mix or Spicy Salad Mix. This included a mix of tatsoi and mizuna all week with the addition of tender broccoli raab leaves early in the week and mustard greens later in the week.

Lastly, we had radishes! Two different types went out this week. French Breakfast and Easter Egg radishes. The French Breakfast radishes are red or purple and long and straight (mostly) while the Easter Egg radishes come in a variety of colors from white to dark purple and tend to be more round. They taste similar and can be used in similar ways.
Some of you may have received rhubarb, herbs or spinach as well.

Did you recognize all your veggies this week or did we introduce you to something new!? :D

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