End of the Season

I just got back from working at our Wednesday evening CSA pickup with Kai, Lauren, and Kylie. By about 6:30 it was dark and there was swirling snow. We made it to the end of pickup without freezing, but it’s a reminder that the season really is changing. Every spring I think that surely we can push our CSA pickups until the last week of October or the beginning of November. And of course tonight I am very thankful that I didn’t convince myself to make that change! Farming is all about not having control over the weather, but I manage to forget that so often.

This is the 12th season of our CSA. And for you Tuv Ha’Aretz members, this is year 10! We still have a good number of members who have been with us that whole time. I really enjoy seeing all of you as our pickups come to an end.

I can’t say enough how grateful we are for all of our CSA members. You are the reason we are able to have a farm and I feel honored that you let us feed your families year after year. We hope to see you again in the spring!


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  1. J Law says:

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

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