Thank you CSA Members!

What a rough start to our CSA pickups! Yesterday the farm crew had to wade through rain and mud in the morning to harvest veggies. Then Lauren and I stood out in the freezing rain at pickup for a few hours. And snow this morning!! Let’s hope this is the worst of it for a while.

Even with the crummy weather, we are always so thankful for our CSA members as the season gets rolling. You make it possible for us to have a farm. Truly our farm would not exist without your commitment. And I am so honored that you trust us to feed you and your families throughout the season.

One of my favorite parts of our CSA is seeing your kids grow up over the years and seeing how they learn to eat delicious, healthy vegetables. There is one dad (you know who you are!) who says he never gets to eat hakurei turnips because his boys always eat the whole bunch at pickup and the turnips never make it home! Only CSA kids scarf down turnips!

I am also touched by your generosity in making additional contributions. Here’s what we’ve collected so far this season:

Farm Worker Support Fund $3,496 (additional money given to our farm crew)
Sharing the Harvest $1,035 (used to subsidize CSA shares for families that need a little help)
Red Wagon Supporter $897 (used for new farm equipment)

We’re all looking forward to another great season with you!


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