Cold Spring and CSA

This spring has been a yo-yo of weather…up and down…. down….and way down. It stayed at a steady 32 degrees last night with about 3 inches of snow and tonight looks like it will be just as cold. However, it’s not just about one cold night. March, April and May have all been cold.

This effects the speed of growth for all crops, especially our summer crops, like


Harvesting Rhubarb in the Snow

tomatoes and zukes.  For instance, even with planting our Hakurei Turnips on the early side this year and they are still three weeks behind their “normal” rate of growth, which is generally 45 days.

What does this translate to for our CSA Members? The long and short of it is, this could translate to a heavier share of greens….excellent greens of course, until these crops catch up.  Our goal, weather permitting, is make this up later in the season with a variety of great crops.

In the mean time, look for posts on our blog for how to be creative with greens!

As always, thank you for supporting the farm!

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