Roller Coaster Weather

Today is a gorgeous day with only a hint of the inclement weather we experienced on Thursday. The late Spring snow comes as a stressful surprise and a partial gift.

It comes with stress because it is planting season and we have begun to plant our summer crops. Heavy snow and freezing temperatures can cause irreparable harm to the more tender crops, like tomatoes.

Wyatt has been walking the fields today to see how things fared. He reported that the tomatoes pulled through at our 63rd location and is going to check our planting at our Teller location. Fingers crossed. Our new planting of spinach didn’t fare so well, so we have to adjust and adapt in the aftermath. Even when planting schedules are on point, the variability of nature of the can throw a wrench in the mix.

On the positive side, the moisture from the rain and snow is a gift because it solves some water and irrigation issues we may face later in the season.

Regardless of the roller coaster of weather and water, we look forward to the season ahead, the start of our CSA, and the bounty that is to come! As normal for the start of the CSA season, the shares may seem smaller than normal and green heavy, but as the height of the season approaches come July, the size and variety in the shares will expand!

See you guys next week!



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