Thank you CSA members!

This is our 10th season of having a CSA at Red Wagon Farm! Thank you so much to all the members who have supported us over the years–as well as new members who are with us for the first time this year!

We have come such a long way from our humble beginnings. Wyatt and I started our farm in 2004. We had a few brutal years and a very steep learning curve to get things going. We did almost everything wrong at least once!

Amy laying plastic mulch

Wyatt washing radishes


Here are a few photos from 2004: I am laying plastic mulch and Wyatt is in our primitive wash area: a slab of concrete, a few tubs, and a garden hose.

Wyatt and I did most of the work ourselves. I actually worked in the field (instead of in front of my computer!) We both worked to plant, weed, water, and harvest everything. I did most of the tractor driving–not because I had any experience. But because it was Wyatt’s job to follow behind me moving all the very heavy implements behind the tractor. I can remember getting home from the farm around midnight and getting up the next morning around 4 am. I have no idea how we did that!

Farming is still very hard for us (although not quite so brutal). And every season we worry about making enough money to get us through to the next season. We have tried many ways of selling our veggies. Wyatt (when he was younger and more insane!) signed us up for 6 farmers’ markets in 2004. Thankfully we quickly cut back on the number of markets we do and now we just go to the Saturday market in Boulder. We’ve also experimented with selling veggies to lots of restaurants and having several farm stands.

We’ve learned over the years that the most stable source of support and income comes from our CSA members–you! You commit to buying a whole season’s worth of veggies and taking whatever we have in abundance in our fields. In return, we try hard to grow the best veggies we can and give you a variety of deliciousness over about 5 months. I cannot express how much our CSA members mean to us. Red Wagon Farm would not exist without the support of our CSA. We are grateful to every single one of you! Thank you and we are looking forward to a great season with you!







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3 Responses to Thank you CSA members!

  1. Hilary Helinek Dryden says:

    We are so grateful for all your hard and amazing work Amy and Wyatt! The CSA members and the Boulder community are very lucky to have you.

  2. Andi Jason says:

    Hi Amy – we did not sign up but wondered if there is still room for us to do that. We would choose a full share with pick up at Nevei Kidesh if that choice exists.

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