Reinventing the Turnip

Hello CSA Members,

This is Lauren- you may recognize me as the one who checks you in at the pick ups. Every week, I’m hoping to write to you to give the inside scoop from the farm, ideas for your veggies, and perhaps anything that is coming to mind that is relevant to you as CSA members.

Today, I want to give you some ideas for your Hakurei Turnips. Of course, the easiest and a farm worker favorite while working in the wash station is to simply bit into one of those tender white turnips. Sprinkling a little chili salt makes it extra special. It’s a great quick healthy snack while we await lunch time and our stomachs are rumbling with hunger. I also love to add a thin slice of one of the turnips to a sandwich for a little texture and crunch. This, however, can only go so far, right?

So, I’ve been searching for recipes. One really great recipe for summer is on the recipes section of our web page – a Turnip Slaw. I, personally, am a fan of pickles of all kinds. I’ve found a couple recipes for a quick pickle, which basically includes white vinegar, salt, sugar, and any herbs or spices that sound good to you. Stick it in a mason jar and let it sit for a day or two in the fridge. Yummy. If you’re a fan of curries or a looking for a substitute for milk or cream, these white globes are a great addition to any creamy sauce. Roast the root portion of the turnip with a little oil, salt, and pepper until tender, puree, and add to the base of the sauce.

And of course, don’t forget the greens. If you are a meat eater, saute garlic, onion, in olive oil…add some ham hock or bacon (my personal favorite), throw the greens in for a minute or two and a savory quick side dish is ready to be enjoyed.

Be inventive and try something new with these Hakurei turnips. If you come up with anything good, please share your recipes with me!

Happy turnip eating!

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2 Responses to Reinventing the Turnip

  1. elaine says:

    I love, love, love these turnips! I usually simply saute them in olive oil or coconut oil and a touch of acid (usually lemon juice or balsamic vinegar). The other week we sliced and grilled them with salt and pepper, great side dish for burgers. The ones which were thin and crispy from the grill were almost like potato chips. We also tried grilling the greens with a touch of olive oil, which worked out nicely – smoky greens!
    Today we sauteed the greens in olive oil and a touch of nutmeg. Delicious! The kids actually rejoice when we have turnip greens. :)

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