Good Food – Is it important?

CarrotsWhat is “good food”?
Is “good food” important? Why?
Where does “good food” come from?

I never make new year’s resolutions.  But this year I am making one and it is one I am going to keep. In 2015 I resolve to engage people more in conversations about “good food”.

I am starting out with a series of questions, beginning with the questions above. You can just think about these questions on your own. Or I would love for you to share your thoughts. You can do that by commenting on this blog post. You can also post your thoughts on our Facebook page.

I look forward to hearing your responses and continuing with more questions.

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3 Responses to Good Food – Is it important?

  1. Jon Stubbs says:

    “Good” means positive, helpful, healing, creative (i.e., non-destructive). Good food, beyond being delicious and keeping you healthy, is also good for the farmer, good for the economy, and good for the land, air & water on which we depend.

    Good food is important for our health, our enjoyment of life, and our community.

    I suppose good food could come from anywhere, but if all kinds of dirty tricks (GMO’s, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, etc) are used to maximize profits, well that’s a very high price to pay. And the carbon footprint of getting good food from there to here is bad for the environment. Hmmmm.

    Sounds like local farms are the way to go. But then, we all knew that.


  2. Piebird says:

    good food, tastes good, and all things in moderation is good for you. I need a balance, so sometimes yes, I’ll pig out, literally, but I overall I keep those “healthy” tenets in mind with fresh fruits and veggies, good fats, whole grains, and occasionally well-raised meat, striving to eat lower on the food chain and as locally as possible most of the time. I know fish once or twice a week is “good” for you too, but that’s not something I’m able to do for a variety of reasons. this morning I enjoyed a “good” croissant (all butter, local bakery), good coffee (small local roaster who sources the beans very ethically, way beyond fair trade standards) and “good” jam (I made with organic western slope fruit). good food also nourishes my cultural food heritage, so we prepared the traditional Japanese New Year’s feast. some of the ingredients are imported, the rice is white, there’s sugar, salt and even some food dye and preservatives I’m sure, but it’s food that’s good for my soul and family ties. the best food I’ve made recently was for a bake sale (lots of butter, sugar, flour, eggs but all organic) that I sold to raise money for our local Meals on Wheels organization. I mixed, baked and packaged with love and intention, and our local community responded and I was able to give way more than I could have alone. the customers enjoyed delicious holiday treats while knowing they could assist the less able in our community. there are many ways that food is good. always eat good food, and Happy New Year~Marilyn

  3. rbphilip says:

    Much as I love good, local food, I don’t think about it much. I’m not a “foody” and not super interested in food as an artform. I just want it to be “good” as in good for me, and easy. Like Red Wagon veggies run through my juicer.. :)

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