GMO Labeling (Prop 105)

Wyatt and I are both voting YES on Proposition 105 regarding GMO labeling of food. We both avoid knowingly eating GMO foods, but I am certain that we unknowingly eat GMO foods because they are everywhere. I can almost guarantee that any box of crackers, chips, cereal, or any other packaged food that is not Certified Organic has some ingredients that are genetically modified.

I can only think of 3 ways to currently avoid eating GMO foods:

1. Eat only Certified Organic foods. (GMOs are not allowed under the National Organic Program).
2. Buy your food directly from the farmer/rancher so you can ask them if they use any GMOs.
3. Grow and raise your own food.

Our farm is Certified Organic and this year we were required to provide proof that we did not use GMO seed for the following crops: corn, alfalfa, yellow squash, zucchini, or soybeans. More and more vegetable crops are being genetically modified. If we stay on our current path, GMO foods will continue to rapidly enter our food system.

Wyatt and I want to know if food products contain GMO ingredients so we can make our own decisions about potential consequences to our health and the environment. So join us, your farmers, in voting YES on Proposition 105 for GMO labeling!

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