Farm Fashion

When working outside in the elements, one must be prepared for any type of weather – sweltering heat, finger-numbing cold, gusting winds, rain, icy snow. This week has proved to be an early taste of the cold of winter. Looking out at the crisp sun today, one would never guess that this past Friday was so frigid.
Farm fashion
There’s a certain type of farm-fashion that comes out on days like this- head to toe rain gear, galoshes, woolies and various combinations of gloves to keep your hands warm when possible. Of course, there is the finishing touch of spatters of mud.

At one point I headed out to the pea shoots on the north side of the farm, my boots getting heavier with each step as the mud gathered in the tread. Picking pea shoots is a task that requires a dexterity of fingers that cannot be accomplished with gloves. Work quickly- the incentive being the quicker you work, the warmer your hands stay.

All in all, the despite the weather, we were able to get all the bunches bunched and the greens, peppers, and everything headed to market washed and ready by a decent hour. No bunching by headlamp or car headlights necessary.

Today is a much more favorable day. It looks like we may actually have a fall instead of jumping straight to winter.

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