Picking Peppers

During the rush of the Friday harvest, I am usually on team kale, where we weigh out the restaurant orders and bunch the various types of kale in the field. This Friday, however, I was sent to the peppers on the southwest corner of the farm.

Despite the cool weather, the peppers have finally started to ripen. There assorted types of bell peppers of all colors –  purple, white, yellow, orange, and green. There are the salsa-lovers favorites, jalapeños and chilies like Anaheims  and Poblanos. Then, there are a number of red peppers, whose appearance says “hot and spicy,” but are really the sweetest pepper you can imagine.

Picking peppers is similar to the kale, when you’re searching for the biggest and most beautiful. There is a certain amount of self-restraint that one must employ to be sure that next week’s harvest isn’t picked before its prime, no matter how enticing the little pepper-jewels are. The pepper plants are rigid and fragile and quite susceptible to breaking easily. The plants themselves are still covered with blossoms. I was surprised by the amount of bees buzzing around, which is always a welcome sight and sound.

Now, with the peppers and tomatoes in full swing, it’s time to concoct sweet and spicy salsas. Perfect for snacking on a late summer evening.

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