Farm Worker Support Fund

At Red Wagon we recognize that our farm workers are one of our biggest assets. They are the ones who grow your food and harvest it for you each week. Without our farm workers we would not be able to bring you our amazing produce.

Farm fashionWe appreciate any contributions to our Farm Worker Support Fund. The money you contribute will go directly into farm worker paychecks. Click here to make an online contribution. Or save us the credit card fees and send a check to: Red Wagon, 7694 N 63rd St, Longmont, CO 80503. Write “Farm Worker Support Fund” in the memo.

We start our farm workers at $10/hour, which is high for farm worker pay. But realistically, this is not enough for the work they do. It is beyond difficult being a farm worker. The work is incredibly hard, the hours are long, you have to work in blazing heat and freezing cold, there is no reliable source of income in the off-season, there are no benefits like health insurance or vacation time, and the list goes on and on. We try to pay our farm workers as much as we can, but the economics of food and small farms currently do not allow us to pay more. Farmers and farm workers are both grossly underpaid. (Stay tuned for my manifesto on the evils of the global food system!)

We have had a lot of incredible farm workers over the years, but we have not been able to keep most of them at Red Wagon for more than a season or two. Most people cannot afford to live on a farm worker income. We are asking our community to help us invest in our farm workers to give Red Wagon more long-term stability.

Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. The money you contribute will go directly into farm worker paychecks. Thank you for supporting Red Wagon and the people who work so hard to grow your food.