No Pumpkin Patch in 2020

Here’s another small loss due to COVID. We will not have a pumpkin patch at Red Wagon Farm in 2020.

pumpkin totem pole

pumpkin totem pole

Everything at a farm requires a lot of planning. We have to plant pumpkin seeds around June 1st. Remember what everything looked like on June 1st?? The whole world felt upside down. We did not know how long social distancing would be in place and it seemed like a good chance that we would be looking at another Stay-at-Home order in the fall. Wyatt and I decided it was too risky to put the investment (both time investment and financial investment) into growing pumpkins for a pumpkin patch that we might not get to open 4 months in the future.

I still think that was a good decision for us. There are currently a rising number of COVID cases in Boulder County. It has been a tremendous amount of pressure for me to try to keep our farm and CSA pickups as safe as possible this year and it’s taken a toll on me. It feels like a lot more pressure to try to keep our farm safe for hundreds of families visiting our pumpkin patch. I realize that a pumpkin patch is an outdoor activity and relatively low-risk, but I’m just not up to the challenge.

October 2021 is a very long way away. Hopefully we will be in a much better place in terms of dealing with the pandemic then and will be able to welcome you back to our farm and pumpkin patch then. Thank you for your understanding!


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  1. Kelly says:

    Though we will miss the pumpkin patch, we have been so grateful to participate in the CSA this year feeling SO safe due to all of your work and the team’s efforts. We appreciate you and hope that you find time to rest this winter. Take good care of you as you take good care of us.

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