CSA Week 19

Here is our tentative list of what we **hope** to bring you this coming week of CSA.

Brussel Sprouts

Regular Share
CHOICE: Beets OR Hakurei Turnips
CHOICE: Carrots OR Cucumbers
CHOICE: Brussels OR Chard
CHOICE: Peppers OR Roasted Carmens
CHOICE: Onions OR Garlic OR Parsley
CHOICE: Zucchini OR Eggplant
CHOICE: Potatoes OR Red Tomatoes

Large Share Additions
Zucchini AND Eggplant

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One Response to CSA Week 19

  1. Marion Reid says:

    Hi, I’ve been buying watermelon radishes from you every fall at BCFM. I understand you won’t be at the market for the rest of the season. Would I be able to get radishes directly from your farm if I come there to get them? I usually get around 10 to 15 lbs of them and they keep all winter! Thanks, Marion

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