Important Fruit Share Update

Correction: I put out some misinformation in my original post. We are only doing a 10-lb box of fruit this week–not next week. You will only get fruit next week if you have a Biweekly B fruit share. ~Amy

Our fruit share is going to look a little different this year than it normally does. Remember that wintery weather we got at the end of May? Well, we’re still suffering the consequences of that weather now. The apple trees on the Western Slope were all in bloom when we got that cold weather and it killed most of the apple blossoms.

Our fruit growers have crop insurance and they’re going to use that crop insurance this year. They are filing a claim for a 100% loss on their apple crop. That means that even though they do have some apples, they are not allowed to harvest a single apple for sale to us.

How does this affect the fruit share? Our fruit share is set up to deliver $13.80 worth of fruit each week for 12 weeks. We will not be able to do the full 12 weeks of fruit–we will be short a few weeks. To make up for that, we will deliver a large $$ amount of fruit this week. This week the fruit shares will be receiving 10-lb boxes of peaches. So even though you won’t receive the full 12 weeks, you should still get the full monetary value for the fruit share.

What are you going to do with all those peaches?? Check out the peach recipes and storage tips on our food blog. I know what I’m going to do with my extra peaches–peach milkshakes! Yum!


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