Second Fruit Share Update

I know that many of you are anxious to hear more about the Fruit Share for this season. If you didn’t see it, you can read my first Fruit Share Update here. It has been a very difficult season for both First Fruits Organic Farms and Ela Family Farms. Both farms lost the majority of their fruit crops for 2015. We are still hoping to get a little bit of fruit from one or both of these farms. We are also trying to get good-quality fruit from other farms. But we will certainly fall short of the full Fruit Share this season.

We will check in with you again in mid-October as we get close to the end of the CSA season. At that time we will give you two choices for the money you paid for your fruit share:

  1. In the spirit of a CSA, you can choose to give the money you paid for your fruit share to Ela Farms and First Fruits. We will divide the money evenly between these two farms. OR
  2. We will refund your money for the fruit you did not receive.

Again, we will reach out to you in October, so there is no need to indicate your preference now. And thank you for hanging in there with us, as well as Ela Farms and First Fruits, in this very difficult fruit year!

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