Appreciation for our CSA Members

I want to express my sincere gratitude to all of our CSA members. Your commitment to buy a season’s worth of vegetables allows our farm to stay in business. Our goal is always to provide you with great-tasting, healthy, fresh vegetables. Your support makes it possible for us to do this.

Most of the global food system relies upon chemicals or exploited labor to produce food. Growers spray thousands of acres with chemicals designed to kill pests and weeds. They rely on a constant stream of impoverished workers to exploit. They harvest food (like tomatoes) before they are ripe and then spray them with gasses to make them appear ripe.

Our way of small-scale farming is very expensive. We grow food by hand. Everything that is harvested at Red Wagon is harvested by hand—only when it is ripe. And a lot of the planting and weeding also happens by hand. We focus on keeping the soil healthy, which results in healthier plants and more nutritious food. We take care of the natural habitat on our farm. We have ponds and trees for birds. We plant flowers and shrubs to provide food for our pollinators. Our farm crew works incredibly hard, but we try to pay them as well as we can (and you can help by contributing to our Farm Worker Support fund!) The way we farm is expensive and a lot of work, but we think it is worth it to take care of our ecosystem and provide you with the best food possible.

Thank you so much for choosing to support Red Wagon this season. Small farms like ours struggle every year to stay in business. Our CSA is the foundation of our farm and we are so grateful to all of you for making our small farm possible.

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4 Responses to Appreciation for our CSA Members

  1. Emily Warm says:

    Lovely and eloquent explanation of why CSA members are important. Thanks for writing this and for farming with such integrity!

  2. Melissa Beauregard says:

    It was really nice seeing you yesterday! The walking onions are amazing and we’ll be doing a quick pickle or chow-chow with the turnips and radishes this evening. Such an exciting time of year!!

  3. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    Thank you! For willing to do the work many of us cannot do. I picked up food today and it was BEAUTIFUL! I’ve never been without a CSA in years, no matter where I live, and do not intend to ever be without local sustainable food.

  4. Nancy Gonzalez says:

    PS. Thank you for the recipes as well.

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