Restaurant Coordinator on Organic Vegetable Farm

Pay rate: $16/hour

Plus $0.50/hour end-of­-season bonus for every hour you worked during the season and weekly vegetables from the farm.

For an in depth description of jobs at Red Wagon Organic Farm please read our Basic Job Description before applying.

Restaurant sales are an important part of our farm. The Restaurant Coordinator is the person most responsible for ensuring that our restaurant customers receive a high-quality product from our farm.

These are some of the details of the position:

  • You will work 45-50 hours per week during the summer. You must be able to commit to working through early November. You will work closer to 40 hours per week at the end of the season as the days are colder and shorter.
  • You will pack and deliver restaurant orders on Tuesdays and Fridays throughout the season. Your day will start at 6:00 am and you should expect to be finished between 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm on delivery days. You will occasionally need to work as late as 7:00 pm on these days.
  • You will work with our online restaurant ordering platform to compile orders for each delivery day. You must be able to use Excel as part of this process. This will require some work from home on Monday and Thursday evenings (1.5 to 2 hours per evening). You must have a computer and internet connection to use when working from home.
  • You must be able to work in a fast-paced environment and have a sense of urgency while you are working.
  • You must have excellent attention to detail as we are very particular about the quality of everything we deliver to our restaurant customers. You must also be able to absorb all of the details required for this position. There are many specifics involved in preparing and packing the restaurant orders.
  • Our washing/packing area is very busy and somewhat chaotic on our delivery days. You must be able to function well in this environment. You also need the ability to roll with last-minute changes during the day.
  • You must be able to work well with other members of the team. It is a big group effort to get everything together and packed on time on delivery days.
  • You must have a good knowledge of vegetables so you understand what we are sending to our customers. We grow over 100 crops on our farm and you need to be familiar with many of them.
  • You must be a productive member of our farm crew on non-delivery days (Mon, Wed, Thurs).


  • A valid driver’s license and a clean driving record
  • Experience driving a delivery truck (or the ability and confidence to learn)
  • Working cell phone

For an in depth description of jobs at Red Wagon Organic Farm please read our Basic Job Description before applying.

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