Harvest Manager on Organic Vegetable Farm

Pay rate: $17-$19/hour based on experience as a vegetable farm manager.

Plus $0.50/hour end-of­-season bonus for every hour you worked during the season and weekly vegetables from the farm.

For an in depth description of jobs at Red Wagon Organic Farm please read our Basic Job Description before applying.

If you have vegetable farming experience and would like to run a harvest crew, please apply!

We are looking for a lead harvest manager. This person is responsible for all aspects of daily field operations to ensure that the farm’s production goals are met. This includes correct quantity, quality, and post-harvest handling on all produce until it leaves the farm.

This role requires working closely with the farm owners, collaborating with other managers, and managing a 15 person crew. This role also includes daily administrative tasks such as scheduling all employees, making the daily harvest lists, and updating the restaurant availability list. Please note: this is a basic description of the job. Circumstances often change on the farm, and the successful harvest manager will be quick to assess the situation and adapt to it. This position requires flexibility.

Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship with Wyatt (farm owner) and the Grow Manager
  • Frequently communicate with Wyatt and Grow Manager
  • Keep detailed harvest records and turn in to Wyatt weekly
  • Run, supervise, and assign harvest crew members
  • Maintain efficiency, speed, and quality of harvest crew’s work
  • Train harvest crew
  • Responsible for quality control of all produce leaving the farm
  • Monitor quantity and quality of harvested produce and take it out of the field
  • Responsible for scheduling harvest crew, ensuring the crew is on time and notifying crew of schedule changes (start/finish times, rainouts etc)
  • Compile, print, and distribute harvest list daily
  • Oversee wash station coordinator and wash station
  • Operate tractor (limited) and trucks
  • Help grow crew when harvest is completed
  • Maintain and enforce policies and procedures
  • Maintain a safe work environment
  • Help with harvest

Qualities required for the Harvest Manager:

  • Strong management skills
  • Excellent communicator
  • Proficiency with computer (Excel, Google Docs, email, various apps)
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Excellent observation skills
  • Conscientious
  • Ability to prioritize endless to do list
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Ability to be flexible
  • Ability to work with many personality types
  • Calm and positive attitude—even while working under stressful conditions


  • This is a full-time position from March-November, with increased hours during the busy summer months and decreased hours in the late fall and early spring. It is typical to work 50 hours per week in the busy months. There is also a possibility of working some hours over the winter months.

Also required:

  • Two years of vegetable farm experience
  • Working cell phone
  • A computer and internet connection to use when working at home (only a few hours per week)

For an in depth description of jobs at Red Wagon Organic Farm please read our Basic Job Description before applying.

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