CSA Manager

The CSA Manager is the face of Red Wagon to our CSA members. Members’ experience at CSA is in large part their experience with our farm; therefore, we are looking for someone who can be friendly, personable, and make them feel appreciated!

Job duties include:

  • Attend CSA pickups three times a week: in Central Boulder, North Boulder, and East Boulder. Hours for CSA pickups are generally between 3:00pm and 7:30pm.
  • Drive CSA truck to and from CSA pickups.
  • Direct and assist in truck unloading and CSA setup according to Red Wagon’s guidelines.
  • Manage, track, and oversee the distribution of all CSA add-ons (beef, eggs, mushrooms, fruit, coffee etc)
  • Supervise and manage all CSA staff
  • Coordinate storage and pick up of missed shares.
  • Train and oversee volunteers and employees to get ready for CSA and to bag correctly. Be especially appreciative and cordial to volunteers.
  • Maintain a good working relationship with volunteers, CSA members, and Red Wagon farm staff.
  • Perform office tasks regarding CSA. Keep CSA paperwork in good order and up to date. Ensure that all CSA payments are made in a timely manner and send reminders for late payments. Assist in processing CSA checks. Answer all CSA emails.
  • Communicate any member feedback to Harvest Manager and Wyatt (farm owner). Provide input in planning weekly CSA items.
  • Plan, implement, and oversee two farm tours for CSA members and restaurant personnel
  • Together with farm owners, plan, manage and execute the CSA party in October.
  • Be responsible for producing a weekly CSA newsletter on time. Write a weekly column or get other farm staff to write a column.
  • Send a weekly list of what CSA will get. The list needs to be posted on Facebook, communicated to newsletter contributors, added to the CSA Blog, and updated on Farmigo.
  • Communicate with Kelly (farm manager) to create the CSA schedule for each month.
  • Work as a productive member of the farm crew. A later start to the day is permitted because of so many off-farm hours.

Qualities required for the CSA Manager:

  • Excellent communicator
  • Proficiency with computer (Excel, email, blog)
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Conscientious
  • Ability to work with many personality types
  • Outgoing and friendly personality
  • Responsible
  • Able to drive trucks including manual transmission

For an in depth description of jobs at Red Wagon Organic Farm please read our Basic Job Description before applying.

If you’re interested in working at Red Wagon, please respond by e-mail with the information requested below. We are looking for people who are thorough and follow directions. Please keep this in mind when responding.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone # (preferably a cell phone number)
  • E-mail
  • Please attach your resume if you have one.
  • Availability (dates, days, times)
  • Past job experience including any agricultural experience
  • Position(s) you are interested in
  • We recommend that you live within 30 minutes of the farm.  Do you live within 30 minutes of the farm?  If not, what are your relocation plans? (Do you have a place to live?  Do you have the finances to relocate?)
  • Why do you want to work at Red Wagon?
  • After reading the job description, what makes you think you would be a good fit at Red Wagon? What do you think you would contribute to our farm?
  • What is your past management experience?
  • What are your goals in agriculture?
  • Will you be able to commit to the entire farm season? We need people who can stay until the end of the season. Unfortunately we cannot hire people who need to leave or cut back on hours in August or September due to school or other commitments.
  • Can you work long, hard hours and still have a good attitude?
  • Are you able to work outside in all weather conditions?
  • Do you have anything we should know about that would prevent you from doing physical work? Are you able to lift 50 pounds?
  • Do you have a valid driver’s license and a good driving record? If not please explain. We have numerous farm vehicles that some of our employees need to be able to operate.
  • Do you have reliable transportation?
    We need workers with their own reliable vehicles due to the demands of the job. Our farms are 15 minutes east and 20 minutes north of downtown Boulder. The farms are about 20 minutes away from each other and you may have to drive from one farm to the other during the day. Also, you cannot plan to carpool with other employees because work schedules often vary.
  • Please provide three professional references with a description of your relationship with the people you list.
  • Tell us anything else you care to share about yourself.

Send all applications to hiring@redwagonorganicfarm.com.

Pay rate: $10 – $11/hour based on experience.

Thanks for your interest in Red Wagon Organic Farm!