Winter CSA

We are taking memberships for our Winter CSA!

We will have veggies for order at the pickups if we have them available. However, the weather can be so variable in the winter and we are not set up to commit to having veggies throughout the winter. You can join our Winter CSA (at no cost) if you just want to receive the emails telling you what veggies are available for order for each pickup. Please note: we do NOT have a veggie share for our Winter CSA.Snowy Kale

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You will receive a half pound of certified organic shiitake and oyster mushrooms per share from Hazel Dell Mushroom Farm. $6 / lb

The happy chickens at Cottonwood Creek Farms live outside on pasture. Feed is supplied as a supplement and is composed of non-GMO corn (raised on-farm), soy, oats, alfalfa, and probiotic minerals. No chemicals of any kind are used on the chickens. $6.25 / dozen

You will receive 1 pound of organic coffee per pickup from Conscious Coffees, a local craft micro-roastery dedicated to working with coffee farming communities in fair trade. $14 / lb

Natural Homestead Beef offers pastured, traditionally-finished beef with no corn or soy. Water or chemicals are NEVER added to our meat. We know our animals and exactly what they eat and family ranching is the only way we can guarantee an all-natural product that has been raised in a humane and low-stress environment. Join us in our passion to raise good quality beef from our family to yours!
$60 for 5lbs (6 distributions)
$120 for 10lbs (6 distributions)

Pasture-raised pork from Cottonwood Creek Farms. The pigs are also fed non-GMO corn, soy, oats, alfalfa, and probiotic mineral.
$40 for 5lbs (6 distributions)
$80 for 10lbs (6 distributions)