CSA ShareWe hope to start taking 2018 CSA memberships in early January. 12/11/17

Our 2017 CSA will run for 23 weeks from May 22 through October 26. Each week you will get a selection of amazing vegetables grown on our farm. CSA members do not choose what they receive in their weekly shares, rather we will provide you with a mix of what is available each week on the farm.

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See what was in last seasons Veggie Share.

If you are new to Red Wagon Farm please read our FAQ before you sign-up.

Pickup Locations
Please make sure that one of these locations will work for you before you sign up for the CSA. You can only pick up at one location for the entire season. You cannot alternate between pickup locations. You are responsible for picking up your share during this time each week.

We have five locations operating from 4-7 pm*:

  • Mondays in Central Boulder—2600 Pearl St at the Google offices
  • Tuesdays in North Boulder—1925 Glenwood Dr at Nevei Kodesh
  • Wednesdays in South Boulder—Martin Park, Fordham Ct & S 36th St
  • Thursdays in East Boulder—Cherryvale & Arapahoe at the Boulder Jewish Community Center (BJCC)
  • Thursday at Red Wagon Farm—7694 N 63rd Street (2 miles north of IBM)

Pickup Locations

* Pickup is between the hours of 4-7 pm only. Any shares that are not picked up will be donated.

Available Share Sizes

We have several sizes for our CSA Veggie Shares:

  • Regular Veggie Share* $700.35 ~$30.45/week; feeds a family of 2-4 people
  • Biweekly Veggie Share $365.40 ~$30.45/week; pick up every other week  Biweekly pick-up schedule
  • Large Veggie Share** $1,017.75 ~$44.25/week; feeds a family of 4-6 people
  • Friends of Red Wagon Share $1,752.60 (see details below)

* The Regular Veggie Share is meant for a 2-4. We do not recommend splitting it between a group of individuals. If this is too much food for you, we recommend the Biweekly Veggie Share.

** The Large Veggie Share is meant for a family. We do not recommend splitting it between a group of individuals, if this is too much we recommend the Regular Share.

See what was in last seasons Veggie Share.

Additional Options

Organic Fruit

  • Regular Fruit Share $165.60 (sales tax included) ~$13.80/week for 12 weeks
  • Biweekly Fruit Share $82.80 (sales tax included) ~$13.80/week for 6 weeks; pick up every other week

We will provide delicious, certified organic fruit grown by Ela Family Farms and First Fruits Organic Farms from the Western Slope of Colorado. The fruit share runs for a total of 12 weeks, generally starting in August. While the fruit share is for 12 weeks, it is not 12 consecutive weeks.

The dates of the fruit share pickups are dependent upon availability. The fruit share will mostly consist of peaches and apples. However, if we are lucky we might also have the following available: cherries, apricots, pears, plums, strawberries, or melons.

See what was in last seasons Fruit Share

Pastured Eggs

  • Regular Egg Share $161.00 (sales tax included) $7.00/dozen for 23 weeks
  • Biweekly Egg Share $84.00 (sales tax included) $7.00/dozen for 12 weeks, pick up every other week

The happy chickens at Cottonwood Creek Farms live outside on pasture. Feed is supplied as a supplement and is composed of non-GMO corn (raised on-farm), soy, oats, alfalfa, and probiotic minerals. No chemicals of any kind are used on the chickens. You will receive 1 dozen eggs per week.

Organic Fair Trade Coffee

  • Regular Coffee Share $318.63 (sales tax included) $13.85/1lb for 23 weeks
  • Biweekly Coffee Share $166.24 (sales tax included) $13.85/1lb for 12 weeks, pick up every other week

Local Conscious Coffees is a craft micro-roastery dedicated to working with coffee farming communities in fair trade. You will receive 1 pound of organic coffee per week.


    • Regular Mushroom Share $159.85 (sales tax included) $6.95/half pound bag for 23 weeks
    • Biweekly Mushroom Share $83.40 (sales tax included) $6.95/half pound bag for 12 weeks, pick up every other week

Fresh exotic, certified organic shiitake and oyster mushrooms available from Hazel Dell Mushroom Farm.

Pastured Beef

We will send out an order form once per month. You will place an order then pick up your beef at the CSA pickup. Please select this option if you would like to receive the monthly order form.

Natural Homestead Beef offers pastured, traditionally-finished beef with no corn or soy. Water or chemicals are NEVER added to our meat. We know our animals and exactly what they eat and family ranching is the only way we can guarantee an all-natural product that has been raised in a humane and low-stress environment. Join us in our passion to raise good quality beef from our family to yours!

Friends of Red Wagon

Our Friends of Red Wagon share is for people who want to go above and beyond in supporting our farm. Let’s face it, there are so many things stacked against small farms. Do you truly value Red Wagon produce and the benefits Red Wagon brings to our community? Are you in a strong financial position? Then the Friends of Red Wagon Share is for you! You will be helping to ensure the long-term viability of Red Wagon.

Here are some of the benefits of being a Friend of Red Wagon:
–You will be allowed to take up to $44 in produce each pickup.
–You will have more flexibility in your pickup location–including being able to pick up at the Boulder farmers’ market on Saturday. Farmers’ market pickup will give you access to the full range of vegetables we harvest each week. (Note: We do not have a farmers’ market pickup option in our CSA signup. Just select a pickup location that might work for you. Once the growing season starts we will contact you to work out your pickup preferences.)
–You will have additional access to our farm and there will be additional farm events for you.

This is your way to give additional financial support to our farm. You will not receive the full dollar amount in vegetables.

Farm Worker Support

At Red Wagon we recognize that our farm workers are one of our biggest assets. They are the ones who grow your food and harvest it for you each week. Without our farm workers we would not be able to bring you our amazing produce.

In 2016 we collected $3,496 in our Farm Worker Support Fund! We were able to pay each of our full-time farm workers an extra $300.

We start our farm workers at $10/hour, which is high for farm worker pay. But realistically, this is not enough for the work they do. It is not easy being a farm worker. The work is incredibly hard, the hours are long, there is no reliable source of income in the off-season, and the list goes on and on. We try to pay our farm workers as much as we can, but the economics of food and small farms currently do not allow us to pay more.

We have had a lot of incredible farm workers over the years, but we have not been able to keep most of them at Red Wagon for more than a season or two. Most people cannot afford to live on a farm worker income. We are asking our community to help us invest in our farm workers to give Red Wagon more long-term stability.

As an example, a contribution of $10/week would increase the pay of one farm worker $230 total over the course of the CSA season. Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated. The money you contribute will go directly into farm worker paychecks. It will be used to increase farm worker pay and also to provide farm worker bonuses.

All the money you contribute will go directly into farm worker paychecks. These contributions are maintained separately and are not used for other farm needs. There are no associated administrative costs.


CSA payments must be made by electronic check or regular check. We do not take credit cards due to the additional fee to the farm.

CSA Membership Commitment
“I wish to strengthen the local food system in Boulder County by becoming a member of the Red Wagon Farm CSA. By becoming a member of the CSA I am helping to preserve local, family agriculture. I understand that due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, there are no guarantees as to the amount of produce I will receive. I also understand that there are no refunds on CSA shares. I am responsible for picking up my produce every week at the designated time and location and understand that any missed pickups will be forfeited.”